Cabot Tower, Bristol

It was too late to go up to the Cabot Tower viewing platforms when I brought my second couchsurfers from Copenhagen, Matilde and Nana to Brandon Hill but we still enjoyed our time exploring the park. The girls were being so adventurous posing by the slippery pond and climbing the tree branchess like a Tarzan and giving me a heart attack. And then we sat down and they told me about when they were sleeping on the beach and eating sand with hippies back in Spain.

Hoping to go up the viewpoint, the next day (Friday) I went to Cabot Tower again, at around 1pm, this time with other travellers from Romania, Raluca and Amina who are studying in Cardiff and Swansea. That's when I saw that it says door closes at 3:45pm which was why I never made it even though I reached before 4pm, so guys ignore the times on google. 

The spiral stairs were really narrow and slippery and if you're nice you'd pause to let someone pass from the other direction. There were like two levels of platforms facing north, east, south and west and there were signboards on each side with indicators pointing out the directions of big european cities which was pretty cool.

Agfa Vista 200 - Olympus mju ii
dev + sc BC

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